Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Amazing Seals

Have you ever been to the zoo before? Well, just to let you know there is a lot of information there that you would not know. What is your favourite animal. Firstly, my group came to the grey seals and it went "spash!" "spash!" all over my group. We were all wet! Next, the seal said to us, "our house is in the water". (Arr! Arr!)It also did flips, tricks and cool sideways swimming under the water. It was looking at us in a funny away.
Now go to the zoo and have some animal fun! Written by Natasha


  1. Me and my mum read your amazing story. It was AMAZING. I really like the way you wrote "splash, splash!" It sounded very nice.

    Simran and Mum

  2. I really liked your amazing writing about the zoo, it was fantastic, and the best thing about it there you used adjectives, and other words like Arr! Arr! and the best part of it was reading it.

    published by Kahu and my mum.

  3. I like how you told the reader what the seals did and instead of saying It swam around in different ways. Instead you told the reader it swam sideways, it did a flip and it swam upside down.You are describing what it did. ka pai Natasha!!

    Comment by : Ayush