Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Amazing Elephant Day

Yesterday, all the Kereru classes travelled to the Auckland zoo to learn more about endangered animals and why they are endangered Elephants have ivory in their tusks. Ivory is very expensive , that's why hunters and poachers cut off their tusks and make jewellery out of it so they can sell it for money. That is why the elephants are endangered. They are being killed for their tusks.
As my group was walking, we stopped to watch the elephant show. We saw Burma do tricks in the water. The zookeeper told Burma to hold her breath under the water, every one gazed at Burma. When I was reading the sign, I was amazed when I saw that Anjalee the elephant had the same birth date and same year that I was born on. That means I know how old Anjalee is, she is nine years old just like me. I learnt heaps of facts about the elephants yesterday and I also had a great time at the Auckland Zoo. It was awesome! Written by Kiana

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