Monday, 31 August 2015

Super Independent Writer

Devastating Fire
Do you recall the massive bush fires that happened in Australia last year? That was terrible. When bush fires occur in places like Australia, they spread quickly. Animals that live there, sprint frantically looking for an exit to escape the fires clutches. Some animals escape and beat the fire, others are held prisoner and killed by the fire. As well as killing animals, they destroy animals habitat, like say a bird made a nest in a tree and the tree got destroyed by fire, the nest would too, which means the bird will have to make it’s nest again! Bush fires are terrible. Good thing we have fire fighters! Written by Kate McGrath


  1. I like the picture and I liked the way you used adjectives and descriptive words in your writing.
    byNatasha and mum

  2. I like your story it was awesome. I think your a exilant writer.