Sunday, 21 June 2015

Amazing Glowing Stars

Have you even gazed up at the night sky and seen a group of seven bright stars? If you have, you have seen Matariki.
Matariki is the start of the Maori New Year. You can see the stars in New Zealand for most of the year. The stars disappear in late  April but come back in late May or early June.
You can celebrate by learning how to weave flax and carve. We can also celebrate Matariki by building your own kite and maybe even fly them.
How will you celebrate Matariki? Tonight go and look outside and see if you can find the seven glowing stars up in the sky.
Written by Logan

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  1. To:Logan

    I really like the way you put questions at the beginning and end and telling the different thing's about the topic Matariki . [Maori New Year] .

    From :Dallis- Jayde .