Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Holiday Photo Challenge

Hey Room 19
Hope you are having a lovely holiday with your family and friends.
I'm sure you were eating lots of chocolate Easter eggs this past weekend like me.
The first thing I did this weekend was read a book that I've been wanting to read for ages. I couldn't put it down once I started. Sam even missed out on lunch sometimes because I was glued to the pages. 
So here's a challenge for you to complete these holidays.
When you are reading a book, choose one of your favourite places to read. e.g your bed, lounge chair, beanbag, in the sun or under a tree, hammock. Maybe it's another type of place like in the shopping trolley, in the car or McDonalds playground.
Ask your parents to take a photo of you while you are reading. You can choose to not look at the camera and continue reading or you can look up and smile.
Email me the photos and we will print them when we are back at school. You are going to persuade the class why your place is the best place to read a book.
Comment below with your name so I know who has taken up the challenge.


  1. Awesome - we have one person who has taken the challenge. :) I've already got Sam to take a photo of me reading my book in my favourite reading spot. Looking forward to seeing your photos. Kate - if you see any Room 19 kids in the holidays, please tell them to take the challenge. :)

  2. Hi room 19 its Eden here. I have had a great day at my new school my teacher is lovely. At my new school there are roosters I've been hearing a lot of them when I have been working in class. I've made lots of friends. I hope you guys are having fun at your school. Maybe one day I could come and see you. LOVE Eden

  3. Hey Eden - How special to receive a comment from you on our blog. We miss your smiley face but so happy that you are enjoying your new school. That's pretty awesome that you have roosters at your school. We would love to see you. Come visit anytime. Love Mrs Wade & the rest of Room 19

  4. Dallis - Jayde7 July 2015 at 17:40

    Hi Eden . Natasha ,room 19 and all your friends really miss you so much we wish you could come visit

    Love : DALLIS - JAYDE . A