Friday, 27 February 2015

Chatter-Box Time

This week we got to talk to our class mates about our favourite snack.
We had to research information about our snack.
Was it healthy? How much did it cost?
Why is it our favourite?
Some children bought their favourite snack to show the class. We listened carefully to the speaker and then got to ask questions to find out more information.

Kate's favourite snack was Cadbury Dream White Chocolate. She bought a massive slab so we could each have a small piece. Mmm! It was super yummy. It is also Mrs Wade's favourite snack so she couldn't wait for Kate to share.
Suganthi's favourite snack was corn. What a healthy snack! She told us how she loves munching on it at home.

We had so many different snacks. Some were healthy and some were super sweet.
It was a fun week of hearing about favourite snacks in Room 19.


  1. WoW B ) Kiana those were some yummy tim tams of yours .

  2. I like your Tim tams there so good

  3. I like the Tim tams they were so good

  4. nice smile kiana by JADEA

  5. yummy tim tams kiana !

  6. cool photos guys and cool photo suganthi with your huge corn.

  7. I love the timtam that you brought and it was a great treat to eat yum yum yum. -Bryson

  8. I liked your timtams Kiana

  9. I like matariki because you get to look at the beutiful stars