Saturday, 20 September 2014

Fraction Baking

This term, we have been learning about fractions. To end this topic, we got to bake.
On Friday morning, Alex's Mum came to our classroom to bake some sugar cookies with us.

There were 4 groups. Each of us had to have turns mixing the butter until it was soft.

We had to add the sugar slowly to the butter and eventually had to fold the flour into the butter sugar mixture.

We all had turns kneading the dough until it was soft. We used different shapes cookie cutters for the cookies.

After the cookies were baked, we got to decorate 4 cookies each with icing and a variety of lollies.

It was a fun Friday morning! Thanks Fran (Alex's Mum) for spending your morning in our class baking and thanks Alex for helping your Mum around the classroom and the kitchen.

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