Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Deaf Magic

Tuesday the 23rd of September was a BIG day for us. Why was this? Because three members of the deaf foundation were coming to visit! Their names were Rachel, Natasha and Tracey. We first talked about how technology has changed for deaf people. There were 3 pieces of technology; the baby alarm, the bed alarm, and the fire alarm. Each of these pieces of technology send vibrations to a monitor that communicates or warns the person. The first ever baby alarm was a flashing light, imagine if your baby (if you even have one) was crying and you woke up to VERY bright lights flashing! ha! The monitor vibrates if the fire alarm or doorbell goes off. It is used with lots and lots of wires. The bed alarm is used to shake the bed when your alarm beeps
Our class pretended to cry like a baby and the baby alarm started to go off.
Brooke is feeling the vibrations under the pillow.
Written by Munro

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  1. Thanks for writing this blog post, Munro. :) It was an interesting morning spent with the ladies from the deaf foundation. Looking forward to learning more about technology in our world. From Miss Martin