Sunday, 25 May 2014

Learning in Our Class

Visual Art:
This term we are learning about print making in visual art.
Last week we decided to make prints of the autumn leaves outside our classroom.
We collected the autumn leaves that had fallen from the trees.
We used felt tips to colour over the leaves and press the leaves onto white paper.

When we removed the leaf, a print of the leaf was left on the paper.
Inquiry Learning
We are still learning about our bodies.
Last week we were learning to take down notes using keywords.
 One inquiry group watched a youtube video on the skeleton & the other inquiry groups used books to find information.
Each person in the group had a special role to do.
Some people were the researchers; they have to do a lot of reading of information.
Some people were the recorders; their job is to write the information down.

We have 2 more weeks left to research & present our inquiry project on our bodies.


  1. Looking forward to comparing our unique bodies to other living things in our world this week.
    From Miss Martin

  2. it is very fun learning about the body parts.
    by Ronan

  3. I had lots of fun learning more and more about the human brain.

    By Munro

  4. so fun with room 19


    1. i also really liked studying this topic with our group. i really enjoyed.
      By: Monique

  5. I loved learning about the brain.
    by sophie