Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Cross Country at the Auckland Botanical Gardens

Today we had cross country. We've been preparing for cross country since the start of the term by running around the school block every Wednesday afternoon.
We walked from school along the footpath to the Auckland Botanical Gardens.
It was like a little adventure.
Constable Sarah met us along the way to help cross the busy road.

We had to sit in our house colours and wait for our turn to run.
We cheered for our friends who were running and were heading towards the finish line.
Ronan came 1st for the Year 4 boys.
Monique came 2nd for the Year 4 girls.
Miss Martin is so proud of all the students who participated in the cross country.
Each student did their best!


  1. awesome day at cross country! you all did great!

  2. Thanks for taking our class to cross country Miss Martin. From Aaron

  3. Thank you for all the hard work this term, really waiting for next terms hard work. KEEP IT UP! By Munro

  4. WOW! That cross country was great fun everyone participated and did very well, good job to all of the people that came in the top ten for the year 4's and up because you can compete in the school inter school cross country to represent our school. so well done to all the people who are participating in the school's inter school cross country.

  5. Miss Martin I injoyed doing vizsal art with you this term.